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Badagamuwa Tourist Complex

comfort CentreComfort Centre


Badagamuwa Tourist Complex which comprises two section namely “Tourist Information Centre” and “Badagamuwa Comfort Centre”. Located 4 kms away from the capital city Kurunegala bordering the Dambulla-Kurunegala highway adjoining the Badagamuwa Forest.



Tourist Information Centre

Infomation CentreTourist Information Centre is meant for providing all information on tourist attraction as well as the associated lodges and hotels. Facilities for internet visits and communication facilities are available too, at the centre. Travel guide services are also available an demand.


Tourist Comfort Centre

Comfort centare Comfort centareComfort center comprises restaurants with all facilities, sale stall of Wayamba products, Banks with foreign currency exchange and ATM facilities, stalls exhibiting traditional handicraft and curios of various types of skilled workmanship. The premises accommodate a spacious front yard for vehicle parking. Future plans for an Ayruvedic Treatment Centre, an aquarium and a children’s park will definitely attract local and foreign travelers.