The Hidden Paradise of Sri Lanka

Two Hundred and forty Km of Coast and Sunny Beaches

The coasts of Sri Lankan have many marvellous heavens which are particularly beautiful, luxurious and restful, They are a paradise for sun lovers with lagoons ad sea beds for diving and all possible natural sports. The beaches are beautiful and fringed with coconut farms.

Some of Wayamba's best resort beaches are at Marawila, Talawila', Kalpitiya and Waikkal, often with the borders of the sea as well as a laagoon make excellent bases for stay put beach holidays. These resorts offer superb aqua-sports options such as swimming, wind-surfing, sailing, canoeing, speedboat racing, deep-sea, lagoon and river fishing diving and viewing the underwater wonderlands of coral off Kandakuliya and Karaitivu. The fishing villages which dot the coast, where age-old catamaran boats are still sometimes used and the noisy markets and firs held when the catch comes in each morning, are unique and memorable 'sights'.




Wayamba Beaches

* Marawila

* Talawila

* Kalpitiya

* Waikkal