The Hidden Paradise of Sri Lanka.

Visits to Animal and Bird Sanctuaries

Wilpattu, supposed to be so called for its accommodation provisions, for many lakes within the vast forest area, forms a very favorable natural habitat for its animals and vegetation.

All beasts including those supposed to be harmful such as the leopard, the Bear and the wild Pig as well as the supposedly harmless like the Sambur, Dear, Porcupine etc., can be seen at these water holes.

The bungalow for the travellers traditionally called ' Circuit Bungalow'with all security. There is no doubt about guiding personnel and vehicle supplies for the visitor. Romantic places like 'Modara Gam aru' and 'Kudiramale' are really eye-catching.

Kahalla -Pallekele sanctuary which abounds in large herds of elephants is as though deliberately created for aquatic bird-watching at Mundel. storks, Ducks, Water Fowl, Pelican, Hornbill, Teal form photogenic in their natural aquatic habitats



* Wildlife National Park of Willpattu

* Kahalla - Pallekele National Park