Overview of Wayamba

The NWP has two districts, namely Puttlam and Kurunegala. Each district represents completely distinct characteristics. Moreover, Kurunegala encompasses the characteristics of ancient kingdoms with unharmed and untapped cultural diversity deriving from four ancient valuable kingdoms and Puttlam district embraces the spectacular oceanic view with a collection of activities, specifically Surfing, diving, Whale watching etc. 



Bounded the North, the East, the South and the West by Modara Gam Aru river and the North Central Province, Mathale and Kandy Districts, Maha Oya and the coastal belt between Kudiramale and Wennapuwa respectively . 

The Province consists of two administrative districts , with a total area of 7888.2 square kilometers. This is 12% of the total extent of the island.  Not too far away is the capital of the NWP from the International airport of Sri Lanka.


Wayamba has been ever peaceful. Living in peace and harmony everywhere across Wayamba are it’s inhabitants of different ethnic identity; the Sinhalese, the Tamils, the Muslims and the Burgers; all co-existing as Wayambians. There have never been religious or ethnic indifferences or conflicts. from typical models of people respecting the sub cultural rights of her communities. 


The North Western Province (NWP) encompasses all three major climatic zones; intermediate, dry and wet zones. These different climatic zones together with the coast have made this province very diverse in nature. Kurunegala covers all three main climatic zones (wet, dry and intermediate zones) while the Puttalam falls within the dry and intermediate zones only. A Relatively a small area in the southern and south eastern parts of the Kurunegala district falls within the wet zone of the country, while the majority of land masses come under the Intermediate and Dry zones.


The Capital of Wayamba - Kurunegala

Located 90 Kms off Colombo. the Capital city of Kurunegala has been so called for the giant rock, namely Athugala (Elephant Rock) in the middle of the city. Kurunegala is a pure Sinhala derivation of the mixed Sinhala name ‘Hasthishailapura’ meaning ‘ the city of the Elephant Rock’ so named after its shape of resting elephant, as it is obvious at a glance. A hot day’s temperature records high owing to this rock. For the prevailing modern land-access facilities to the city, one commencing from Colombo can reach it easily in less than 2 1/2 hours. The Provincial capital has many 19th century ruins  of the British colonial period including the government agent. Residence, (presently the governor’s office) clock tower, and many more other buildings.

It is a busy commercial and a transport hub, situated conveniently at a converging point of several main roads linking to other important parts of the country. Kandy, Colombo, Negombo. Puttalam, Anurahapura Trincomalee, Batticaloa and also to Rambukkana/Kegalle) It is about 94 km from Colombo and 42 km from Kandy. Adding to the city scape is the lake around which many hotels and restaurants are located. If you watch around from the top of the Elephant rock the whole city area can be visualized in an obtuse angle.