discover wayamba

Wayamba, Sri Lanka’s bountiful and diverse North Western Province is richly endowed with classic holiday attractions. Sunny beaches  fringe warm pure seas and placid lagoons, national parks teeming with elephants and birds, as well as the highest level of biodiversity in the flora and fauna  make ideal bases for relaxed, enjoyable, fun filled vacations. . 

The NWP is rich in archaeological legacy due to the presence of four ancient kingdoms.

Experience the kingdom of diversity

Kingdom of Heritage

Ancient Kingdoms, spread all over the Province are places of immense archaeological interest.

Eco and Wild

National parks and sanctuaries offer amazing opportunities to glimpse endemic wildlife and migratory birds.

Coastal and Marine

Coasts are a paradise for sun lovers with lagoons and sea beds for diving and all possible nautical sports.

Homestay and Community

Yapahugama Homestay is a Village in experiencing rhythm with nature, culture & heritage.

Festival and Fiests

Feasts, festivals abound in multi-cultural Wayamba with all the major religions.


The majority of Wayamba people are Buddhists, the other religious groups being; Muslims, Christians, Hindus.

Discover wayamba

Surrounding you on your tour are the historical artworks of sculpture and architecture plus the appreciable remains of the cluster of age-old Kingdoms as well as vast systems of irrigation indicating wonderful workmanship. No doubt it will excite you, the tour regents as you enjoy the wonderful greenish landscape of coconut plantation and the giant   stretches of paddy lands.You’ll feel wonderful on your tour, as you visit our sunlit beaches, national parks abounded with elephants and birds plus the flora and fauna of utmost biodiversity.



Hotel School
Maritime Heritage Bungalow
Badagamuwa Tourist Complex
Madurankuliya Tourist Complex